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Cabinet Features

Cabinet manufacturers are getting more and more creative about providing home owners with special features to make kitchens, bathrooms and other areas more functional and appealing. Here are a few of the more common options available from today’s cabinet companies. Every cabinet line has its own selection of features, so you will want to check to find out what will be available with the cabinets you choose.

  • Corner cabinet fixes: Lazy Susan’s and pull-and-turn shelving to help make the best of corner cabinet limitations
  • Pull out drawers and shelves for lower cabinets and drawers with an extra-height front edge
  • Appliance garages – covered spaces to keep small appliances out of sight when not in use
  • Slides that allow drawers to pull out beyond the cabinet face – giving you the ability to life large items directly out vertically rather than at an angle
  • Spice racks built into drawers or cabinet doors
  • Inserts with built-in jacks that allow you to move heavy appliances such as mixers to countertop height for use
  • Custom appliance panels to match your cabinet doors
  • Pull-out tables to serve as extra work space when needed
  • Pull-out cutting boards
  • Open cubbies with wicker baskets to provide useful storage and decorator style
  • Shelving for cookbooks or other items
  • Built-in trash/recycling centers
  • Pull-out or retracted towel racks
  • Serving carts with a cabinet door appearance that roll out when needed
  • Bins that tilt or pull out for storing produce or staples
  • Plate racks for decoration or draining dishes
  • In-drawer knife blocks
  • Sets of smaller apothecary-sized drawers
  • Hanging file drawers or inserts in kitchens or work stations
  • Customized drawer dividers for cutlery, cooking utensils or other items
  • Tilting drawer-front in front of sink for sponges
  • Stainless steel bread box in a drawer
  • Drawers sized to hold CD’s and DVD’s
  • Custom-designed pantries with your choice of wood or metal shelving, pull-out shelves, sliding trays, drawers and other custom features