Care & Maintenance

A helpful guide

to maintaining your new hardwood from Pierce Flooring.

The key to maintaining your new hardwood flooring is to keep it well-cared for. We strongly recommend you develop a proper cleaning routine that includes the following:

  • Frequent sweeping to pick up loose dirt and debris that can cause damage to the wood surface
  • Invest in floor protectors for use with furniture to prevent denting and scratching
  • Invest in area rugs to ensure the longevity of high-traffic areas
  • You'll also need to make it a habit to trim your pet's nails so that they do not scratch your flooring

Purchase a quality broom

A high-quality broom can help to ensure that your hardwood flooring stays looking its best. By sweeping your hardwood floor with regularity, you can help pick up grains of dirt, dust, and other particles. If ignored, debris can scratch your flooring and/or work its way into the foundation of your flooring.

A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar may also prove helpful in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Buffing after your cleaning to restore shine and luster to your floors can also prove beneficial.

Handle spills swiftly

When it comes to stains and spills, you might want to consider a professional hardwood floor cleaning product to safely remove tough stains. This will enable you to rid yourself of the stain without dulling the finish of your floor. Reach out to the team at Pierce for advice on what product works best with your hardwood.

Generally speaking, stains can be avoided by moving quickly when spills occur and wiping up the liquid in question with a towel or cloth.

Place doormats at the entrances of your home

Lastly, add doormats to your entryways to catch soil before it gets tracked into your home. Encourage your family and guests to remove their shoes at the door.

Lastly, you'll want to be aware that seasonal temperatures changes can affect your hardwood flooring. Humidity may cause the hardwood to expand and cold weather in the winter months can cause gaps between planks. This is to be expected and should not be cause for concern.

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