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What to expect when getting tile installed

Although it is possible to install tile as a DIY project, we recommend hiring a professional installer to do the work. Tile installations can be labor intensive and require several specialized tools to properly complete the installation. A tile installation can be messy and sometimes a lengthy process. Knowing what to expect during your tile installation will make the entire process go faster and eliminate any surprises. Depending on the scope of your project, we may have a licensed installer visit your job site to properly assess all the variables of both the structural requirements and design elements of your vision.

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Before tile installation

Review the scheduling and pre installation checklist with your salesperson to go over the details.

  • Furniture & Appliances, who is handling removal and replacement
  • How to coordinate your installation with other renovations such as paint

Ensure the safety of your pets, it is imperative to restrict your pets in a safe place before the flooring installation activities commence.
Ensure all the electrical systems, water taps, and gas appliances are disconnected before the project starts.
Close off other rooms to protect them from dust and other materials.
Prepare an area for contractors to work in and for waste disposal.

After tile installation

It's important to note that your tile installation is not truly done until the tile has had time to cure, which usually takes at least 48 hours after your installation team leaves. Any bathroom or kitchen installations need to remain completely moisture free for this period to allow the grout and mortar to fully dry.

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