Getting Vinyl Installed

Tips for a smooth and easy vinyl flooring installation.



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What to expect when getting vinyl installed

Ready to install your new luxury vinyl plank flooring or vinyl floor tiles from pierce outlet? Preparation is key to a low-stress installation experience, so here are some things to consider before and after your installation crew arrives.

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Before vinyl installation

The first thing to know is how your floors will be installed. Different vinyl flooring products offer different installation methods, from glue-down to floating installations that click and lock together. The latter can make for a relatively simple DIY project, but you can always ensure a proper, long-lasting installation by trusting our flooring professionals with the job.

Even if you're not doing the job yourself, carefully review the installation instructions for your product so you know what to expect. You may need to allow your new floors to acclimate to your home's climate for a certain period of time before installation. You'll also be responsible for moving the furniture out of the room before your installers arrive.

After vinyl installation

Once your new floors are in place, your installation team will clear away all tools and debris and leave you to start your maintenance routine. Before moving your furniture back, we recommend cleaning the floor with a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution. If your vinyl was glued down, avoid wet mopping your new floor for the first week.

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